The framework of your home is just as important as your body’s skeleton. Think about what would happen if your body was without bones. You wouldn’t be able to function properly. That is exactly what happens with your home. The frame of your home is an important part of the structure itself and can wreak havoc if it is not done correctly.

When your frame is installed, it must be done properly and in line with the building codes and standards. If the frame is not put up correctly, it can cause the floors of your home to creak, the drywall will be uneven, and your doors will not close properly. This is why our team takes care and precision in ensuring that the framework of your home is done as it should be.

In a typical build, the frame starts being built on top of the foundation. The frame floor, or platform, is laid on top of the foundation of the structure and is bolted securely with anchor bolts and straps. On top of the floor joists your walls will be placed and secured. The next layer is the roof joists which hold up the ceiling and roof work.

Subflooring is typically ¾ inch OSB or some type of plywood that is applied with either nails, glue, or screws. The walls are then constructed with either 2x4 or 2x6 options and then the drywall is applied to the wall frame itself.

Our team is highly trained and experienced in framing to help you make sure that you get the proper job done right the first time.

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